Make your own award winning wings

Pre- heat oil in fryer to 350 degrees.  Cook thawed chicken wings in batches for eight minutes or until fully cooked and golden crisp.  Allow wings to drain.  Coat wings in Manja! Gourmet Glaze and enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Or brush glaze on meat second half of cooking in oven or on grill. Also great on pork, seafood, vegetables and as a dip.

    Mama Brava's

Home of Award Winning

"Best on the Beach" Wings

Manja! Gourmet Glaze

Original  ( a little bit sweet a little bit spicy )

or  HOT with Red Habanero

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Wed. thru Sunday 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

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                          Our Story

Mama Brava's is owned by Sunset Beach, NC residents Karim and Debora Mawji.

Growing up in the family’s popular upstate NY Mama Brava’s restaurants, Karim was quickly recognized as a talent
in the family business. After Karim served honorably
in the US Navy, the Mawji's moved from NY to the Carolina’s in 1988 and opened several restaurants along the coast.
With more than 30 years of performing his artisan
crafts upon a brick oven, Karim has rightfully earned
the title of “Master Pizza Chef”.

Producing great food at the restaurant has been
Karim’s forte, but it’s Debora who can be credited
for the popular wing sauce recipe. In an effort to raise money for the American Red Cross, Karim entered a popular Myrtle Beach wing competition. In the spur
of the moment, he called Debora and asked her to
suggest a wing recipe for the contest. Off the top of
her head, she came up with a unique combination of ingredients that would surely taste different from the rest.

Their entry received a “Best on the Beach” Buffalo Wing trophy, beating all the nationally acclaimed franchises... giving a whole new twist to the term... "Winging It"!

The new wing recipe quickly became a best seller at
their restaurant. Over 20 years the versatile sauce was expanded to include ribs, Bar-B-Q Chicken Pizza,
vegetables and much more. The wings continued
to win awards… including WWAY-TV’s “Best Wings
in Southeast North Carolina”.

"Manja! Gourmet Glaze" is now available in two flavors (Original and HOT with red habanero) and can be found at Hill's Grocery, and nine Lowe's Food stores ... from Little River SC to Wilmington, NC.

"Goodness Grows in NC"